Hey everyone,

    Sometimes we forget to be grateful to God for all that he gives us, I’m not just talking about foods, clothes, etc, but everything. Even the air we breathe is a grace that God grant us, waking up every morning is a grace! But a few times we are so busy with our activities that we do not even take five minutes to say thank you Lord, God is not obliged to bless us, but it does it out of love for us! Yesterday I made a good fish curry ( believe me it was delicious hahaha) it had been a long time since I had eaten, I wanted to please my family,  the father of my husband had brought fish for us, he looked so appetizing, so I could not resist making a good curry, lentils and a green salad for dinner. After dinner I left to watch the TV and I started to have itching, i did not pay attention in the beginning, my skin begin to turn red with plenty of buttons everywhere, something was wrong , I started scratching to the point blood comes out, i was panicking since it was the first time that it happened to me. It then that I understood that I was poisoned, oh no how such a delicious fish have poisoned me! It was unbearable and I trembled without understanding, I know I could just say : Lord if you take me in this moment, I ask your forgiveness for everything and i thank you ( believe me I suffer so much that i believe I was going to die) my husband and my son have prayed for me,I took a warm shower, drank a glass of milk and take an anti- itch medication, I slept and this morning when I woke up all the buttons has gone, I still feel a little tired but I’m alive, gratitude to God is not just as I said a prayer before the evening meal, or waking up in the morning asking God to bless us  during the day! But be grateful in the smallest things of life, nowadays we complain of all that we have, without realizing it is by grace that we live, we complain about heat in summer, cold in winter, foods etc , we are never satisfied, many people do not have what we have, we are blessed to have food on  our table morning and evening, how many starving, dying right now in the world??? Be thankful for your children, many have no children or leave them without mercy, be thankful even for the laundry ( yes yes I said well laundry) having laundry and dishes to do means that God has blessed us with a family, many are alone, giving up in nursing homes or orphanages, learn to appreciate even the sun and the rain, God did all things for a  specific purpose and for our good! And what are you grateful for today???

Time flies

Hey all

Have you noticed how fast time passes?  wow it incredible! My boy was a little baby and soon he will turn five, have you already felt as if the time have passed without we had time to enjoy it???You have already felt like being a bad mom for your children??  I’m not a perfect mom, Every night I wonder what I bring good in my son’s life??I sometimes scream, feel overwhelmed by events, I sometimes cry, ( have you known this) but one thing I’m sure of , God have given us the ability to be super moms for our children, I learned with times that it was  normal to know that, watching my son sleeping in his bed yesterday, lying at those side, ( yes he’s making little whims at the moment) i realized that one day he will grow and that all it’s whims , nonsense will end, but he will remember the time to spend with him, to play with him, we must learn the true values of the family to our children in an unhealthy world where family is smeared by lies, take times to create memories with your children, pray for them, big or small, they will always be children in our eyes! Tonight my son and I will make cupcakes ( he likes to cook) and tonight will be home cinéma night, McQueen, ( i think all the guys love this) get to know what they like, above all taught them spiritual values, the power of prayer, sing with them, even dance with them, one day we will reap the results and glorify God for making us mothers for our children in this perverted world! My biggest desire is to see my son serve God! And you???? 💓

Prayer is the key 😉

When I was a little girl,  I have dreaming a lot about what my wedding would like , my wedding dress, what my life would be like a married woman and a mama, I have plan many things in my head like what style of house and decor I would have, how many child etc, but everything I plan was not what God have for me, today when I look at my past I say thank you Lord for given me much more than I deserve, when I was a baby i’ve be diagnostic with a heart problems, Doctor say that I will not survive and gave me only 1 week to live, my parents was Christian before I was born and they pray and ask God to let me live, I’ve got a surgery at the age of two and Doctors say that i will be fine but need another surgery at twelve years old, I have not got another because my God is a healer and when he heal it for eternity, I will turn 35 next month and I’m still alive, my parents prayer to the Lord save me, life is not so easy especially in these last days, to raise a child with a heart to serve God, to stay married with all the lust of this world , the enemy want us to stop praying because he know that prayer is the key to destroy him, when I was young I think that life would be easy, but it not so easy , we have to fight everyday for the sake of our family , for God to keep them, I don’t know what you are in today but just remember prayer is the key 💓